The Life of Volcano
In Russian
Additional illustrative material for monograph.
The monograph may be downloaded here.

Apakhonchich Seismic Station and surrounding volcanos

Bezymyannyi Volcano

"Anatomy" of Volcano
The awakening of Volcano - the first historic eruption
The gigantic eruption on March 30, 1956
Bezymyannyi: The dome growth
The 1981-1982 eruptions
The eruption in autumn 1984
The 1985 eruption
The 1986-1987 eruptions (in detail)
On the slopes of Bezymyannyi

Kliuchevskoi Volcano

Kliuchevskoi at rest
Kliuchevskoi in anger
On the slopes of Kliuchevskoi

Shivelutch Volcano

Deceptive calmness
At the foot of the dome
The burst of August 13, 1986
The burst of August 26, 1986

Sunsets on Kamchatka

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