Apakhonchich Seismic Station and surrounding volcanos

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Apakhonchich Seismic Station on SE slope of Kliuchevskoi Volcano (1982)
Apakhonchich and Kliuchevskoi in 1988
Kliuchevskoi Volcano from Apakhonchich
Bezymyannyi Volcano from Apakhonchich  (at the left in 1986, at the right in 1982)
Kumroch Mountain Ridge (at the left) and its highest point - Shish Mountain (at the right)
to the east from Apakhonchich. Pacific ocean is behind of Kumroch.

Apakhonchich (point 1) and surrounding volcanoes

There are ruins of extinct Kamen Volcano (at the left)
between active Bezymyannyi and Kliuchevskoi Volcanos
Another eroded ancient volcano - Gorny Zub (Mountain Tooth)
(eastern part of Ziminy Volcanos)

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