The gigantic eruption on March 30, 1956

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The March 30 eruption.
The view from west.
The panorama of eruptive cloud from west
Upper and lower parts of eruptive cloud

The gigantic crater (2.5 x 1.5 km) was formed during of eruption.
Bezymyannyi before and after 1956 eruption.
The solid line on left photo shows Volcano outline in February of 1956, the dotted line - in October of 1955.
The solid line on right photo shows Volcano outline before historic eruptions.
Airphotos of  Bezymyannyi
before (at the left)
and after (at the right) eruption.
The alder trunk which was stripped
by hot ash at the distance 16 km from Volcano
Consequences of March 30, 1956 eruption.
The solid line contours area devastated by hot ash and volcanic sand.
Deposits of pyroclastic flows are shown in this area by the darker shading.
The mudflows deposits are shown by the lighter shading.

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