The 1981-1982 eruptions

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The June 13, 1981 eruption.
The front of one of pyroclastic flows in this eruption.
The view from "the back" of Volcano approximately at the same time 
September 5, 1981. The glow of red-hot avalanches.
November 22, 1981. The glow of red-hot avalanches from surface of lava flow and from its front.
December 25, 1981.
Intensive red-hot avalanches after December 21 explosive eruption 
Red-hot avalanches in January 1982

The June 11, 1982 eruption.
The teardrop-shaped block of  lava material
erupted at June 11, 1982.
Evolution of Volcano's active block and dynamics of Bezymyannyi eruptive activity  in 1981-1984.
The arrows on diagram are showing states:
1 - the rest,
2 - the steady stationary development,
3 - the avalanche-like (the more the faster) increase of activity,
4 - the avalanche-like (the less the slower) decrease of activity.

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