The autumn 1984 eruption

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October 10, 1984 - 3 days before strong explosive eruption.
The glow of Volcano's active block

October 10, 1984. The autoexplosive avalanche.

October 13, 1984.
The photo was taken from helicopter.
Ash cloud continuously formed 
on Volcano is moving in the direction of
Apakhonchich Seismic Station.

October 14.
The eruption begins to decline and
surrounding volcanos are visible trough
ash fall. We were in intensive ash fall
zone during more than the day before
One of the last impulses of Volcano's
explosive activity in the evening of
October 14

October 22, 1984.
Though impetuous activity of Volcano
practically has stopped by the October 14 evening 
the steady glow of volcano's active block
was visible prior to the beginning of November.

Evolution of Volcano's active block and dynamics of Bezymyannyi eruptive activity in the autumn 1984 eruption.
On sketch:
1-3 - the contours of active block accordingly on October 7, 9 and 10;
4 - the directions of deformations;
5 - the pathes of avalanches.
The arrows on diagram are showing states:
1 - the rest,
2 - the steady stationary development,
3 - the avalanche-like (the more the faster) increase of activity,
4 - the avalanche-like (the less the slower) decrease of activity.

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