On the slopes of Bezymyannyi

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At the upper left - the birth of
Nizhniy Camp (may be translated
into English as Lower Camp) in
July of 1985. Verhniy (Upper)
Camp was destroyed by
the 1985 eruption.

At the upper right - my "work place".

At the left
- Nizhniy Camp in winter of 1987.

Alexander Malyshev and Alexander Belousov nearby Bezymyannyi caldera wall (1983)

The crossection of Bezymyannyi lava flows (1983).
It is possible to see the small figure in center of the photo - I am posing for a scale in spite of rock fall danger.
The place is shown on scheme at the left.

On the slope of Bezymyannyi (approximately where the plumage of arrow is situated in the previous picture).
The extinct Ziminy Volcanoes on the foreground (1983)

Then last forces are ended...
Alexander Belousov (1986) Alexander Malyshev (1983)

Suhaja Hapitca river canyon at the foot of Bezymyannyi

Before the 1985 eruption (Alexander Malyshev)

At the foot of the blown-up dome. August of 1985. Olga Girina

On the deposits of pyroclastic flows. August of 1985. Olga Girina

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