Shivelutch: At the foot of the dome

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The fumarolic ground at the foot of the dome.
Then we yet did not know, that day after
the pyroclastic surge of August 13 burst will cover this place.
Safety helmets would be useless in this case.

Vapours of fumarolic activity
between crater wall and lava dome
Lava dome from its basis
Sometimes Shivelutch bursts eject
such lava blocks
The crater's wall, which was formed by
1964 eruption. In summer there is
continual din of landslides. The view
from basis of lava dome

Sergei Malyshev The lodge for observations is covered with
snow up to roof in winter of 1987.
Distance to lava dome is 2 km.
Altitude 1800 m.

Lidiya Malysheva in the lodge.
2 km from the sometimes bursting dome
View from the lodge on Kamchatka
river valley

Deposits of pyroclastic flows
erupted by Shivelutch in 1964.

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