The awakening of Volcano - the first historic eruption

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Mount Bezymyannyi (at the left) extinct Kamen Volcano (at the right) in January of 1949.

Before October of 1955 Bezymyannyi was considered as extinct volcano and as a matter of fact it even hadn't name. The name of Bezymyannyi may be translated into English as Nameless. In 1954 the study of this imperceptible (in comparison with surrounding volcanos) mount was entrusted to G. Bogoyavlenskaya. Then she was a young post-graduate. However Volcano awoke in October of 1955 and the gigantic eruption has taken place on March 30, 1956. After that some scientists of Kamchatka Volcanic Station began to speak as a joke: "Even the volcano does not stand up to the woman nature and flies into a rage..."

First indications of arousing Bezymyannyi are referred by September 29, 1955, when Kluchi Seismic Station began to record earthquakes from Volcano. The first historical eruption began about 6 clocks 30 minutes October 22, 1955.
October 24, 1955. The view to Bezymyannyi eruption from west. The extinct Kamen Volcano is at the left.
October 30, 1955. The view from east (the camp #1 on scheme).
January 25, 1956. The flying around Bezymyannyi.
February 9, 1956. The hot avalanche on SE slope of Bezymyannyi.
The view from east (the camp #2 on scheme).
Bezymyannyi evolution in 1955-1957.

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